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Hi, I’m Vanessa!
I'm a Vinyasa yoga teacher living in Tampa Bay, FL with my husband, Stephen, and our two rescued hound dogs Lucy and Mikko. I fell in love with yoga in 2014 after attending a class during a particularly difficult chapter in my life. Yoga made me feel safe and connected in a way I had never experienced. It helped me slow my racing thoughts down, taught me how to connect to my body and spirit and offered me a path to self-care and self-love. 

In 2018, I took the leap into becoming a yoga teacher and earned my 200hr certification from Sanctuary for Yoga Nashville. My focus as a teacher soon became centered on PTSD, trauma, and the profound impact yoga can have on healing. This led me to become certified in Trauma Informed Yoga through Sacred Roots Wellness. Soon after, I followed my heart to Goa, India where I received my 300hr certification in Vinyasa Yoga and Indian Philosophy from Sampoorna Yoga School. In 2020, I became a certified instructor in LYT Yoga Method developed by physical therapist, Lara Heimann which focuses on core integration, functional movement and mobility, postural alignment as well as nervous system regulation. In 2021, I completed the LYT Yoga Level 2 - 300hr certification. Lately, I am enjoying exploring other movement practices like pilates, rock climbing and biking. I enjoy threading together what I have learned from all my teachers and my own movement practice to create classes that feel cohesive, inspired and unique. My classes are heart-based and intentional, intelligent and intuitive helping you move better, feel better, and live more compassionately. 

I am committed to holding inclusive spaces and thoughtfully guiding each student as they explore movement, strength building and the mind-body connection. Whether you are new to yoga or practice daily, I strive to create classes where any practitioner is welcome. It is my belief that yoga is for every body, no exceptions, that yoga isn't just a physical practice but a way of living when you step off the mat. The Yoga Room is a physical space that I created to hold local in-person yoga classes, but now it has evolved into an online yoga studio where you can practice with me live over Zoom. It is more than just a room but a space where you can feel supported, guided, accepted, and encouraged. Join BeMoved today, check out The Yoga Room Events or inquire about private yoga sessions.

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