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Welcome to BeMoved - Yoga for Body and Soul

It makes sense
  that you're here.

You're ready for movement that nourishes

both your BODY and your SOUL

We cannot address the  body,
without tending to the soul

BeMoved is a virtual movement library...

Guided by the needs of the community, each month I select a theme to be our movement focus. Whether you need to be soothed, or be empowered you have full access to the BeMoved

library to choose the class that's

right for you.

Guided by Feeling

What are the classes like?

Within the BeMoved library you will find classes ranging in length from 15 minutes to 75 minutes in two different styles:

Fusion Flow and Slow Flow.

How does it work?

"Vanessa is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the body but she brings so much magic and intention as guides you through practice. Her theming of classes really amplifies the movement and gives you something to take off the mat with you when you go."

-Allison in New York, NY

Who am I?

Community creator, movement lover, devoted dog mom,

and a student and teacher of yoga.


Hi! I'm Vanessa

I fell in love with yoga in 2014 when the rest of my life was falling apart. The practice offered me a place to tune-in and wade through the deep waters of my own grief and trauma. As I began to befriend my body and find safety within my own skin again, I was astounded by the power movement had to uplift, heal and restore my spirit. In 2016 I took my first Yoga Teacher Training which led to 800 more hours of continuing education in India and back home in the US. I leaned into learning about breathwork, philosophy and most recently functional movement and applied anatomy. You can read more about my journey here.


The connection between the body and the spirit is what fascinates me the most. The truth is, when you consistently move in ways that are nourishing for your body and your nervous system you take bold and courageous steps towards connection to your spirit and the healing of your heart. I created the BeMoved Library to give you a new experience of movement and yoga. One that doesn't ask you to transcend your physical experience but to anchor deeply into the knowledge of the body. Classes that encourage and promote self-compassion and inner-listening while you build strength and explore your mobility in a safe and sustainable way.

What can you expect?

Classes that reject "workout culture" and lead you in sustainable movement that nourishes your entire being - body and soul.

It's all about the feeling

BeMoved classes are crafted with you in mind. This platform is a co-collaboration with the BeMoved community. You get a say in the monthly theme, so that this practice and space is somewhere you feel connected to. I bring you classes that meet you in the moment, no matter what is on the table of your heart today. I am passionate about creating a sustainable relationship to movement that provides pathways for greater brain-body connection.


We all know movement is so important for our physical health and it is proven that movement is just as crucial for our emotional and mental health. However, I deeply empathize with the fact that not everyday feels like a great day to step on the mat. That’s why I categorize classes by feeling so you can get exactly what you need on any given day without the pressure of "grind culture". Perhaps you are feeling drained, discouraged and insecure... an empowering Slow Flow could turn your whole day around. Maybe you're anxious, worried and a bit jittery and a soothing class to down regulate your nervous system might move you towards the rest you need.

I see you as a whole person who craves movement for your body and your soul.


The world tells us that we should move
to change how we LOOK

I believe we can move
to change how we FEEL

Are you ready to get moving and be part of a supportive virtual community?

  • 7 -Day Free Trial

  • BeMoved On Demand Library

  • Weekly Live Class

  • New Meditations Monthly

  • $25 Monthly Membership

  • Cancel Anytime

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