I've had the pleasure of teaching many students, friends and family from all over the map! Whether they step on their mats in Los Angeles, Denver, Tampa, Brooklyn, Nashville or Chicago, instantly we are together, sharing the healing space of yoga. Some of these students have shared their reflections and kind words about their time (in-person or virtual) in The Yoga Room and I have gathered them here for you to read. 

"The Yoga Room rescued my practice when my neighborhood studio closed during the pandemic, enabling me to continue yoga at home via Zoom. The Yoga Room is welcoming (plants and a sweet pet!), and Vanessa makes a virtual practice personal. The routine differs but always focuses on the importance of core strength, and when we are finished, I feel stronger. Vanessa offers modifications and corrections to each yogi. Adding to the physical benefits of yoga, she often shares quotes and wisdom to strengthen our souls. To say that I am grateful for The Yoga Room is an understatement."



"The Yoga Room is my favorite place to practice in Nashville! Vanessa has created a very warm and inviting environment for students in her small semi-private classes of 2-4. She does an excellent job of providing a very meaningful and insightful message to the practice that encourages reflection and peace. It never fails that I leave feeling grounded and saying to myself “That’s just what I needed!”.



"Being kind of an old soul at heart the idea of yoga via webcam -not in person, non organic, contactless instruction honestly, felt more taxing to me than riding my bike 10 miles daily to work & back with a venture pack full of juice & veggies!


Vanessa, however, being that positive, hardworking, unicorn of a human she is, took this opportunity and streamlined every bit of it. She set up the cameras just right for me to see her movements & a screen so she can see me too! With these two set ups plus some extra ambient lighting it's made this virtual yoga room seem not so far away, it's just as cozy & safe as ever before! It has worked out wonderfully during class because she can still correct us/me as needed, guide me through my strengthening while speaking clear, calm & informative adjustments throughout the entire hour. I love how Vanessa pulls me out of whatever muck of the day that's bogged me down & connects me to the root of what's good then slowly lifts my intentions towards something better to strive for. After an hour with V, I ultimately feel washed clear of chronic pains & overall BLAH feels." 



"Practicing yoga with Vanessa in The Yoga Room has taught me so much. I love my at home practice, but there is nothing like being in a room with other souls, breathing and learning together. Vanessa’s practices seamlessly merge from intense strength building, to reflective moments and always end with the most heavenly savasana. Every time I practice with Vanessa I not only build strength in my body, but find rest for my mind."



"I met Vanessa barely a year ago in a Vinyasa class and felt an instant connection when I found out she had studied yoga in India, where I had lived for two years. What I love about her classes is how they make me feel both strong & safe. She crafts them--with so much love--to be accessible to all levels, so much fun, and always grounding. As she says, "LYT Yoga moves the body to move the spirit." I have seen improvements in my practice as well as healing in my body, and I couldn't be more thankful for Vanessa's heart and teaching!"