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create a personal mindfulness practice in 30 days

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Start Meditating Today!

I'm Vanessa, a yoga and meditation teacher based in Tampa FL. In our dramatically changing world, I have never seen a time where awareness and self-regulation could be more useful. I created this course to be a guide and a toolbox, full of breathing practices, meditations and accessible resources.


This course encourages you to be curious, compassionate and even playful as you learn to observe your thoughts, sense your body in space, and use your breath to anchor into the present moment. Start meditating today and create a practice for life!

What's included?

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"The beMindful meditations offered me a sense of ease. Vanessa offers space and options in the practice giving the user permission to make it their own. While this is a mindfulness practice, Vanessa still shares psych-Ed surrounding the body and nervous system regulation. This is a great resource for any level of experience."

Christi Sidwell

LMSW and Sound Healing Practitioner

Vanessa yoga 2020-47.JPG
Vanessa yoga 2020-47.JPG

Explore Your Practice

Have you wanted to add mindfulness to your life but don't know where to start? Wish you had the tools to soothe your nervous system, decrease stress and reconnect to your mind and body?


This 30 day self-guided course was created with the beginner in mind, and is taught from a trauma informed lens. Each meditation is intentional and is meant to guide you back home to yourself.

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