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Yoga in Community
8 Week Kula Series

You Belong Here

In Sanskrit,  the word Kula, means community and the sense of belonging that is felt when yoga practitioners move and breathe together. As movement practices moved online I noticed a deep need for community and connection. I dreamed up a way to re-create this feeling of inclusion in the virtual space. I hope you always leave class knowing that you are valued and valuable and most importantly, that you belong.

Join a Circle

Join a virtual Circle and practice at the same time, with the same group of people, for 8 weeks. Circles are simple, you only need to sign up once and you are set for 8 weeks of movement and community! As you journey with your group through 8 weeks of Live Yoga classes in THE YOGA ROOM, you will have opportunities to connect with your Circle on a more meaningful level.


You will safely build strength and increase mobility in the body through slow flow or dynamic vinyasa yoga fused with functional movement. Watch your posture change, your energy levels increase and gain a sense of confidence in your practice, all within a supportive community! Circles are a space where you are accepted and celebrated, your own virtual Circle of encouragement and support, a place where your presence is missed if you can't make a class, just like in the studio.

Wednesday Circle
Dynamic Flow

Jan 25th - Mar 15th

Every Wednesday at 7:15pm

Registration Closed
Thursday Circle
Slow Flow

Jan 26th - Mar 16th

Every Thursday at 7:15pm

Registration Closed

"Vanessa is not only incredibly knowledgeable about the body but she brings so much magic and intention as she guides you through each practice. Her theming of classes really amplifies the movement and gives you something to take off the mat with you when you go."


New Jersey

Join A Circle

Yoga in Community

Feel supported and celebrated as you explore movement and mindfulness from the comfort of your own home. You belong here.

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