You Belong Here

In Sanskrit,  the word Kula, means community and the sense of belonging that is felt when yoga practitioners move and breathe together. I dreamed up a way to re-create this feeling of inclusion in the virtual space of THE YOGA ROOM to make sure that you always leave class knowing that you are valued and valuable and that you belong. 

Join a Circle

Join a Circle and practice at the same time, with the same group of people, for 8 weeks. Circles are simple, you only need to sign up once and you are set for 8 weeks of movement and community! As you journey with your group through 8 weeks of LYT Yoga classes in THE YOGA ROOM, you will have opportunities to connect with your Circle on a more meaningful level. You will safely build strength and increase mobility in the body through dynamic and functional movement and cultivate present moment awareness through principles of yoga.Watch your posture change, your energy levels increase and your pain diminish and celebrate all these victories with your group! Circles are a space where you are accepted and celebrated, your own virtual Yoga Circle of encouragement and support, a place where your presence is missed if you happen to skip a class, just like in the studio.



AUG 19 - OCT 7

Thursday Evenings @ 7:15pm EDT


AUG 23 - OCT 11

Monday Evenings @ 7:15pm EDT

*Registration for Circles has closed*

Slow Flow Circle


These classes will move at a slower, more soothing pace and give you more time to breathe and experience each pose. You will be guided through pranayama (breathing practices) as well as meditations and all the functional movement of LYT Yoga Method. You will learn ways to reduce stress, slow the mind and restore the body by creating space for yourself so you can unwind and rest. 

What Are People Saying?


"I am truly impressed with what LYT yoga provides. Its functional. It honors & strengthens body alignment. In just the 8 weeks of Thursday Circle, I can already feel the difference. Vanessa is great at providing adjustments for anyone with injuries or physical limitations. If you are thinking about giving yoga classes with Vanessa a try or joining a Circle  -- go for it! You will be so glad you did!"



Join a Circle